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Sac rembourré avec un transport de style mallette d'ouverture deux / Iaito

Capitonnage  avec vinyle noir

Entièrement doublé à l'intérieur de velours

Fermeture éclair

Double poignée

Dimensions internes: 18 * 120 cm

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2017-02-21 05:00:00
I ordered the ONI Iaito online, while visiting my Iaido Sensei in France. The whole process of ordering online was very smooth and clear. The sword arrived exactly on time and was in excellent condition. The ONI Iaito is an absolutely splendid sword for training Iaido. It has great balance, weight distribution and length. My Sensei (5th Dan, Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido) really appreciated its quality and aesthetics too. The customer service provided by Katanamart staff was just as excellent. They answered all my e-mails promptly and with great understanding. I would recommend the ONI Iaito from Katanamart to everyone without any hesitation. In future I would definitely like to make further purchases from them.

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